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Tuhon Allen J. Sachetti

Tuhon Allen J. Sachetti is a direct student of Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr. Tuhon Sachetti has worked in South East Asia as Private Security and was a Delaware Licensed Bail Agent for 7 years. He has been an Instructor to Navy Seals, Recon Marines & other Military & Police Units 

Performance In The Field

At The Pekiti-Tirsia Tacitcal Corps we practice Pekiti-Tirsia for one thing and one thing only, Performance In The Fight. Our Reactions under the duress of threat and attack will always be honed to "Attack The Attack" without reservation or hesitation. In this there is life.

Our Philosophy

Isog, Katukma, Lahutay

Isog is an "Instinctual Ferocity" to violence. Katukma is a "Refined Precision" in the techniques we execute and Lahutay is a "Functional Fitness" that we develop from our training. These qualities are the substance of our effort.

Tactical Edged Weapons

Tuhon Allen J. Sachetti explains fundamental body mechanics with the Ginunting and how to "Site & Track" your opponents weapon arm so that you cut him first and more effectively before he can cut you. 


By allowing his opponent to be padded and to go after him full force without protection Tuhon Sachetti demonstrates how he can "Site & Track"  his opponents attacks to hit him before he can be hit.


Tuhon Sachetti demonstrates the unique Hand To Hand, Close Quarters Combat Art known as Dumpag (Dumog-Pangamut) against an opponent throwing a fast sharp, jab and then covering  up.

Dumpag in the Philippines

Here Tuhon Sachetti uses Slaps, Hacks & Elbows in both Offensive and Counter Offensive ways against his opponent at the 2015 Pekiti-Tirsia World Conference.


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