Mission Or Threat Specific Training

For Mission Specific Military Requirements or  Police & Civilian Threat Specifc Needs Tuhon Sachetti has over 27 years of experience in designing and implementing unique Training Solutions that produce optimum "Operational Effectiveness" in all Tactical Camp participants.

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Single & Multiple Week Camps

Civilian & Police Camps usually consist of two 3 hour sessions a day with a 1 hour lunch break in between. Military Camps consist of two to three 4 hour sessions a day with a 1 hour break in between each 4 hour session. Those seeking Pekiti-Tirsia Instructor Certification train under the Military standard.

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Individual Tactical Camps

For those wishing to give themselves only the very best training experience Tuhon Sachetti has also provided In the past individual or small group Tactical Camps. This has proven an excellent way to make some of the most skilled instructors and talented Pekiti-Tirsia practitioners . 

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