Pekiti-Tirsia In Newark, Delaware


Group Classes

Pekiti-Tirsia classes are held at the Dauntless Tactical Training Center on Monday and Wednesday Evenings from 9:00 - 9:55 pm 

Private Lessons

Taught by Tuhon Allen J. Sachetti. Private Lessons can be booked at the days and times you need to cover the specific focus of your needs.

Police Training

Liability Safe Defensive Tactics designed to protect the life of officer first while at the same time enabling the safest restraint and control of violent assailants. Unique Law Enforcement Techniques and Training Solutions for today's threats.

Military Training

Mission Specific Tactical Solutions that will enable your team to achieve the highest degree of Operational Effectiveness in the field. This training is usually provided in 8 hour or 12 hour a day camps.

Tactical Solution Camps

Now civilians can have the same level of training as elite special forces groups do around the world. These camps are conducted in 8 or 12 hour a day settings during 2 - 6 weeks.


Weekend Seminars of 6, 8 or 12 hours a day can be booked for two or three day weekends.

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